• Newly Launched! SDI No.0445 Supreme Duo Lock Knife!2015-04-24
  • Newly Launched! SDI No.0445 Supreme Duo Lock Knife!


    With proud and joy, SDI is pleased to announce a new cutter launched. This is the first cutter which withstands 50kg of pressure during cutting.


    It takes our R&D team more than two years to complete the development. We carefully observed at working sites to see how heavy duty users use cutters in various scenarios in order to improve on current cutters. Finally, we came up with this exceptional product.


    ■ Powerful Duo Locking Device

    We successfully developed a patented duo-locking system and applied it on Supreme Duo Lock Knife. Duo Lock combines the advantages of both auto-locking and screw-locking functions. Auto-lock is capable of dealing with general tasks such as cutting thread or cardboard. When there is a need to cut thick material such as plywood or plastic hose, users can tighten the screw easily to strengthen the locking force up to 50kg. This is the most powerful locking system in Taiwan.



    ■ 25mm, SK2+Cr Blade

    In order to fulfill the need of heavy duty users, we choose 25mm blade instead of 18mm for more durable and stable cutting performance. Besides, the blade is made of Japan SK2+Cr steel to ensure the hardness and durability.


    ■ Anti-corrosion Design

    When observing various working sites, our R&D team noticed that the environments are harsher than normal occasions. For example, users usually have to deal with acid or alkali. We learned several cases of cutter damage because they accidentally dropped into paint, resin, or other organic solvent.

    Therefore, we decided to develop acetone resistant body that prevents from corrosion by organic solvent.



    ■ Fall Prevention Strap Hole

    In addition, while working at height, it is very dangerous if the cutter fell down. We noticed this hazard and create a strap hole for tying cutter with user. This design not only helps prevent the workers from hit by falling objects but also reduces the chance of cutter damage.



    Meanwhile, there are also other thoughtful designs on this cutter. For example, Anti-slip soft rubber on body is easy to grip and provides comfortable and stable operation. The robust and thick structure enables users who wear gloves to hold and operate this cutter as smooth as in bare hand. The spare blade holder contains a fresh blade for instant replacement. When the blade is dull, users will not have to halt their work and leave for buying a new one.


    Supreme Duo Lock Knife is the cutter which specially developed for heady-duty tasks and professional users.

    SDI will keep devoting to professional cutter development. Let’s look forward to more new feature cutters in the future!