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    No. 0174

    2-way Xchanger electric pencil sharpener 


    The elegantly arched surface and compact design make it easy to hold and carry this electric pencil sharpener.


     It can accommodate different age groups with the option of sharpening

    large 11 mm  and small 08 mm pencils.


    With the replaceable blades, they prolong the product life span and reduce waste.

    By offering both automated and manual modes, the user experience is highly personalized.


    This product is battery- powered. However, when the battery runs out, the sharpener can still be manually operated to avoid any inconvenience.

     Replacement  for  2-way Xchanger electric pencil sharpener   


     Sharpener cutter                          Sharpener cutter   

     11 mm (JUMBO)                          8 mm (STANDARD)