• Bravo! We Win iF Design Awards!2015-01-30
  • Bravo!INGENUITY Precision CutterWins International and Domestic Design Awards!


        After winning Golden Pin Award in Taiwan and Good Design Award in Japan, INGENUITY Precision Cutter once again received another award - iF Design Award in Germany. The win completes INGENUITY Precision Cutter a treble, which sets a record to one single cutter product.





    Design for Ergonomic grip


        The design of inverted triangle body of INGENUITY Precision Cutter was based on observation to user’s habit of gripping and using a cutter. After hundreds of observation cases, the idea was formed and further combined with ergonomic concept. INGENUITY Precision Cutter is thus suitable for different grip gesture and competent to all kinds of tasks, no matter engraving, paring, sawing, or cutting off.

        Besides, the snap-off blade is covered by cutter body. It not only prevents the blade from rustiness, but also prevents kids from touching the blade for safety sake.




    Finger rest area at front section


        Why design award judges favored INGENUITY Precision Cutter? The secret is the design of finger rest area at its front section. When using conventional cutters with only last 3 cutting points of blade, the slider is pushed to the front end. The slider therefore becomes an interference to user because he can touch it and may slide it back and forth during cutting by mistake. This is neither inconvenient nor safe.

        On the contrary, INGENUITY Precision Cutter gives space to user’s finger at front section of body. Even push out the blade to the latest point, there is still plenty of room for user’s finger without any interference. This thoughtful design wins judges’ praise.




        This unique cutter with features that bring convenience and efficiency will be launched soon. Please feel free to inquire us for more details.