About Us 關於我們
  • SDI has been famous for manufactuning pencil knives since its founding in 1953.Under the "HAND" brand name, SDI gained a nation-wide reputation for quality and innovation. Later,we started to market our products with the SDI brand all over the world and achieved great success with the passing decades.

  • SDI's success is a result of providing specific products and services to meet customer's needs.SDI is committed to increasing our core strengths throughout all areas of operation,including design,manufacturing,total quality managment,and on-time delivery. In addition,we endeavor to lower cost through Value Analysis(VA) and Value Engineering(VE). SDI and its global alliances continue to expand our presence in the market.We play an important role in both the private label and OEM/ODM sectors and,furthermore,have earned the respect and admiration of our customers.
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